Windows server 2019 now available

Windows server 2019 with more secure environment now available at rainhost.net. You can get 180 days trial version on both of your RainHost’s VPS … Read More

Windows Server 2016 Now Available

Oct 17, 2016

windows_server_2016Windows Server 2016 is now available after long wait. Until now we offered server 2016 technical preview to our client but now you can deploy … Read More

VPS Server in Singapore

Sep 21, 2016

Rainhost now offering cloud VPS servers in popular Asian location Singapore. High performance SSD powered servers with KVM virtualization. You can deploy your server with … Read More

Windows 8.1 VPS Server

Jun 24, 2016


Another popular desktop operating system Microsoft Windows 8.1 now you can install on your rainhost VPS! We are offering Windows 8.1 enterprise edition with … Read More

Windows server 2012 VPS Server

Jun 24, 2016


Buy Microsoft Windows Server R2 Standard Edition running VPS at rainhost.net. You can optionally buy full license or use reusable 180 days trial version which … Read More

Windows server 2016 VPS

Jun 23, 2016


Windows server consumer preview5 VPS now can be bought at rainhost.net. You might be curious about Microsoft’s latest development on windows server 2016.



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Windows 10 Remote Desktop VPS Server

Nov 23, 2015

Rainhost now offering Windows 10 remote desktop VPS server in very affordable price! Superior high performance Intel Xeon powered CPU’s with fast SSD storage. You … Read More